NOW OFFERING MOSS (Biophilic) Walls 

  • Great to put in your “impact” zones 
  • Highly Acoustic (absorbing more than 90% of voice frequencies)  
  • Comes with or without frames 
  • Can Create Sight/Sound Barriers, 
  • Fire Retardant 
  • Create what they call a “vertical forest” effect


In determining the design for your space, Divine Plant Design considers every aspect. These include: personal preference; color coordination; space management; seasonal needs; lighting conditions; and even Fung shui. Only the highest quality tropical plants and containers are incorporated in the plans for your office, model home or commercial building. You will be provided options, flexibility in pricing, attentiveness to detail and the assurance that your project will more than meet your expectations.


Because you are a busy professional, you must apply your energies where they will provide you the most return. You may rest assured, knowing that you now have turn-key service that will keep your interior tropicals looking so healthy and vibrant that you will get continuous compliments. Divine Plant Design will attend to every factor that influences the health of the plants from watering, lighting levels, pest management, and heating and temperature requirements. You will receive service from a technician that is cheerful and competent, and oversight that is interested in upholding only the highest standards.

  •  Design, Delivery, and Installation of Your Planscape Environment; We do it ALL!. Our Services are completely designed for your unique business space and objectives.

  • Maintenance: Watering, Pruning, Fertilization, Pest Control and Cleaning of Planters and Plants.  Flexible Weekly or Bi-Weekly Scheduling. We want your plants to look as Great as they did when they were first placed.

  • Quality Guaranteed: Your Plants will look their best, and will replace out ones that aren’t making the grade at no charge for you.

  • Color Rotation:  Seasonal, Holiday, and Event Rotation in addition to regular plant maintenance. This keeps your business interior areas looking fresh, new, and different.


Want to thank a client? We can provide a distinctive and impressive selection that will express your appreciation, beautifully. Need a speaker for an upcoming event? We LOVE to speak about everything from the benefits to the care of plants. Just ask! How about holiday décor? We do it all. And of course, as our client, we always seek to promote our clients via business to business exposure.

  • SPECIAL OCCASION RECOGNITION or HIGHLIGHTING – Did you know plants are excellent for employee recognition? We will be happy to provide event decoration, or birthday/incentive packages. Want to thank a client? We can provide a distinctive and impressive selection that will express your appreciation, beautifully.

  • REPLICA PLANTS  – for those businesses who have areas that living plants can’t thrive, we bring that “touch of nature,” with life-like replica plants. These plants are natural, tasteful, and it’s difficult to tell the difference between these and the real thing.

  • LIVING WALLS – a vertical planting that can be inside or outside. We consult, design, install, and maintain these truly awe inspiring office additions.

  • MOSS WALLS (Biophilic Artwork)- Great to put in your “impact” zones. Highly Acoustic (absorbing more than 90% of voice frequencies) Comes with or without frames. Can Create Sight/Sound Barriers, Fire retardant. Can also create what they call a “vertical forest” effect. 

  • BI-WEEKLY or WEEKLY FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS – Routinely cut dried or live floral arrangements delivered. We create a different floral design based on intention. Whether it’s a centerpiece, bud vases for office furniture or tables, buffet arrangements, or a simple “we appreciate you!”

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