About Divine Plant Design


Divine Plant Designs Creates Environments that provide lush, beautiful plants can thrive indoors!

What better way to create inviting surroundings than the natural appeal of healthy living plants?

Divine Plant Design offers crafted indoor office plants service throughout San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County. Divine Plant Design can completely transform a lackluster office or commercial building to a vibrant interior landscape. Whatever environment you wish to achieve, Marianna Hargrave, President of Divine Plant Design, provides her customers a sincere and welcoming element to the workspace in which people love to work and visit.   Whether you’re looking to create an eye-catching entryway to your business or a dramatic, show-stopping oasis, Divine Plant Design can meet your needs.. Marianna can design striking accents in spaces with small footprints, wall sconces or hangings, plant barriers, compliment a water feature or design a flourishing “living wall.”

“Indoor plants offer a level of sophistication and beauty,” says Marianna. “They soften the edges, provide balance and texture, clean the air from contaminants, dust and smoke and can even absorb sound. Plants reduce stress in waiting rooms, the dentist’s chair and at the signing of important documents. Take good care of your clients and you’ll be rewarded….”


Proud Member of   National Interiorscape Networks /  San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce / Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce